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What’s included in the free Launch Package?

We commit to deliver the below marketing materials for the launch of your upcoming residential development for free:

5x CGI Still Images


60-90s Promo Video

If you are ready to proceed, simply submit your Email Address or Phone Number in the form or schedule a call with us by clicking the ‘Schedule a Call’ button.


 Why are we doing this?

I know you are thinking… “What’s the catch?”


Put it simply, we would like to gather testimonials and case studies from the Residential New Homes Sector similar to the video below. For the past 6 years we have been working exclusively in the Holiday and Leisure Industry and we would like to diversify our portfolio and establish a track record in the residential space too.


To diversify our portfolio which currently features projects mainly from the Holiday and Leisure Sector


To build trust by establishing a track record in the Residential New Homes Space


To build high quality Case Studies and to showcase our skills and services


To expand our network and to build long-term relationships with new homes developers

Are you gonna be our next Case Study?

Springfield Court phase 2


The Garratt Collection


CGI of your development?

Your Upcoming Development


CGI Still Images

Visuals that impress

Our high quality computer-generated images will bring your development to life with stunning visualisations that will captivate your target audience and leave a lasting emotional impact on your potential buyers. Generate interest and secure commitments from buyers with our fast and cost-effective solutions even before construction commences.

Full CGI Images

They can be both external and internal visuals where the entire image is computer generated.

360 Photo Montages

A 360 panoramic image of the development from an aerial perspective where the aerial drone images are stitched into a photo sphere and the CGI of the development is blended into the photo.

Before/After Photo Montages

Usually we take aerial drone photos we then blend a CGI visual of the completed development into.

3D Floorplans

Usually used to showcase the internal layout of a home where the roof of the 3D model is removed and walls are cut away to reveal a staged design of the internal spaces.

Earthswood Country Park

CGI stills

Lakeview Manor

CGI stills

sunnydene country park

Logo design & branding, CGI stills & animations, marketing site plan, website

The Skandinavian

CGI stills, marketing brochure, website development

Floating Lodges

CGI stills and cocept studies

Noah Retreat

CGI stills, CGI animations, website landing page

The Shard

CGI still of new development

Lower Chatley Lakes

CGI stills, CGI animation, coming soon video, website landing page

CGI fly-throughs

Enhance your teaser videos with cinematic 3D animations

Elevate your marketing strategy by showcasing your new development in a visually more appealing and compelling content compared to static imagery. Let your potential buyers experience and better understand the design, layout, and overall look of your development, leading to increased interest and engagement. Watch our showreel to see some examples and get in touch with us to discuss your project objectives.

Go beyond static imagery and increase engagement and understanding


Spice up your social media posts with captivating cinematic shots of your development


Enhance your communication with your potential buyers and provide a clear and vivid representation of your vision

About Us

meet the team

Akos Kovacs

Akos Kovacs


Having delivered 300+ projects and produced dozens of new development launch packages for off-plan marketing campaigns in the Holiday and Leisure Industry over the past 6 years I confidently stand behind our service quality and the results it can deliver for your upcoming development.

Balazs Kovacs

Balazs Kovacs

3D Artist

Introducing Balazs, a highly skilled 3D artist with a passion for bringing architectural designs to life. With expertise in the latest software technologies, Balazs has honed his craft over 5 years and created stunning visualisations for some of the biggest holiday park developments in the UK.

Niki Obermajer

Niki Obermajer

Creative Manager

Meet Niki, a visionary creative with a passion for pushing boundaries and bringing ideas to life. With 5 years of experience leading and inspiring creative teams, Niki is dedicated to delivering innovative and impactful solutions that captivate audiences and drive business success.

Drago Palalic

Drago Palalic

Digital Marketer

Drago is a dynamic digital marketer with extensive expertise in off-plan residential property marketing. He has over 6 years of experience and developed a comprehensive skill set in driving measurable results through digital strategy, content creation, paid advertising and SEO.

Dusan Palalic

Dusan Palalic

Web Designer

Meet Dusan, a talented web designer with a specialty in creating high-converting websites for residential property developers. He has more than 7 years of experience designing and developing websites that generate leads, drive sales and engagement for property developers.

I like your Offer so what’s next

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Schedule a Call

Click the button below and pick a date and time that works for you. We look forward to meeting you and finding out more about your project and requirements.


Tell us about your project

During our conference call we would like to learn more about your project, its timelines and how we can deliver the most value to your off-plan marketing campaign.


We start working

After receiving your instructions, drawings and specifications we start working on your visuals. We send you regular updates so you can keep track of our progress.


frequently asked questions

What information do you need from us to get started?
To start creating the visuals for your project we will need your working drawings, material specifications and any reference images you have for your project. You can send us your 2D drawings either in DWG format or as PDF files. If you already have 3D models of your site and/or house types you can send it to us in RVT, FBX or OBJ file formats.
Once we confirm your project details we will send you an invitation to your Client Portal where you will be able to upload everything for your project under our task manager without file size constraints.
Your proposal is offering a lot of value for free. It sounds too good to be true, what's the catch?
As stated earlier on this page, for the past 6 years we have been working and producing New Development Launch Packages in the Holiday and Leisure Indsutry exclusively.
We are looking to create case studies in the residential space in order to diversify our portfolio and to establish a track record. It is worthwhile for us to invest money, time and resources into obtaining great case studies and testimonials as it will help us promote our services for residential developers with more creditbility.
Since we are investing more money, labour and resources into delivering each of these introductory packages, we limit the number of projects we are able to take on and complete. This is why this offer is open to the first 3 residential developers only.
We understand that working with a new supplier may present the risk of paying for a service and then not receiving it at the speed or quality that was promised and expected.
We want to eliminate any type of risk from your side so thats the reason why we don’t charge for our services. We confidently stand behind our services and you have nothing to risk or loose in this collaboration. We are trying to create a win-win solution for both of us.
What if we like your offer but none of our projects are ready for a Launch Package yet? Can we take advantage of your offer at a later date?
I would still suggest scheduling a call as we decide on a case by case basis who we would like to partner with for the generation of our case studies. We can discuss your requirements even if your project is several months into the future and we will decide based on what terms we will be able to deliver our heavily discounted Launch Packages.
How long would it take to deliver what you promise?
Depending on the chosen service package and the scale of your project we aim to deliver all creatives within 4-6 weeks after receiving all the necessary drawings and specifications needed to start the project. Since there are many variables we would be able to give a more accurate timeline after our initial consultation. Click here to schedule a call now.
We already work with another CGI company, why should we choose your offer?

Although our complimentary Launch Package primarily concentrates on CGIs and visual collateral we offer a comprehensive one stop shop solution for your marketing campaigns from graphic design for your site signage, ads and social media posts to website development and lead generation. We aim to remove the complexity and frustration in working with multiple suppliers and orchestrating the delivery of various deliverables on time.

Let’s connect over a call at a suitable time for you and discuss your project requirements in more detail.

We like your offer but we would like to pick and choose from your services. Can we customise your complimentary and paid service packages?
Certainly, our Flexi Package is specifically offered for those who already know exactly what services they require for their marketing campaigns. This offer will be priced and quoted for on a case by case basis depending on your project requirements and timelines. We look forward to finding out more about your upcoming development.

Schedule a call with us now and let’s connect over a conference call to discuss your requirements.

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