Complimentary Virtual Tour

for your current show home


What’s included in the Basic Launch Package?

We commit to deliver the below marketing materials for the launch campaign of your upcoming residential development for free:

2x CGI Still Images


30s CGI Animation


60s Promo Video


1x 360 CGI Virtual Tour

If you are ready to proceed, simply submit your Name and Email Address in the form or schedule a call with us by clicking the ‘Schedule a Call’ button.


Are you gonna be our next Case Study?

Springfield Court phase 2

We were in the middle of preparing the marketing materials for the 2nd phase of the Springfield Court development in Harrogate by Newby Developments, when Unique Angle approached us and offered to help with the artistic impressions for our project. We desperately needed high quality visuals because we wanted to generate interest and start our marketing campaigns well before the construction would have fully completed and our first show apartment would have been available for viewings.
Despite the tight deadlines, Akos and his team were very accommodating from the start and they not only helped us with instructing and briefing our drone pilot to gather the site imagery we needed for the visuals but within less than a few days they delivered stunning images, we could use in our marketing brochure, Rightmove listings and on our website right away. Our board were also very pleased with the final outcome and delivery of the final images within less than a few days after taking the drone photographs was truly beyond our expectations.
Akos and the team at Unique Angle did a fantastic job and provided us with the high quality CGIs we needed at lightning speed. I’d recommend their services with confidence to anyone who is looking to launch their upcoming developments with a reliable service provider.

Testimonial From

Tina Avis Edwards

Sales & Marketing Director
Newby Developments

I like your Offer so what’s next

Lets get started with 3 easy steps



We send you the equipment

Once we receive your completed form, we will arrange the delivery of our photography equipment to the specified address by 1pm of the requested and confirmed date. The package will require a signature from the primary contact person.


We perform the Remote Shooting

Once our equipment is received and setup, we will connect to the camera remotely and perform the remote shooting. Moving the camera from room to room will require assistance. Wifi coverage or sufficient data signal strength will be required.



We deliver the Virtual Tour to you

Once all the 360 images have been taken and transferred to our server, we start building the Virtual Tour of your property. We deliver the completed Virtual Tour within 48 hours that you can publish on your website and property listings.

Why are we doing this?

I know you are thinking… “What’s the catch?”


Put it simply, we would like to gather testimonials and case studies from the Residential New Homes Sector.

For the past 6 years we have been working exclusively in the Holiday and Leisure Industry (as you can tell from the examples on this page) helping developers launching their holiday parks off-plan. We would like to diversify our portfolio and establish a track record in the residential space. As part of this process for a limited time we are offering our services on a complimentary basis to a select few developers.


To diversify our portfolio which currently features projects mainly from the Holiday and Leisure Sector


To build trust by establishing a track record in the Residential New Homes Space


To build high quality Case Studies and to showcase our skills and services


To expand our network and to build long-term relationships with new homes developers

We already started working with a few clients as part of our Complimentary Service Offering. One of these projects completed, some are still work in progress.

Want to go beyond Basic?

upgrade to one of our exclusive introductory launch packages

The Advanced and Professional packages are a fantastic deal including 360 degree and aerial photo and videography services. Our Flexi tier contains Web Development and Lead Generation services as well. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we could collaborate and help you launch your upcoming project beyond just delivering the visual collaterals. Select the package that is right for you and let’s connect over a call to talk through the next steps.

FROM £3,990
100% OFF

FROM £7,980
95% OFF

FROM £10,495
Best Value

Custom Offer

Advanced Analytics

Track, report and analyze your traffic

Gain detailed insight into your customer’s behaviour and journey through your Virtual Tour with Advanced Analytics and make informed marketing and sales decisions on where to highlight the unique selling points and features of your property. With Advanced Analytics the following data points become available for your Sales and Marketing Teams:

analytics_0002_Layer 1
analytics_0001_Layer 2

How many visits did you get in the last 24 hours, week, month, …?


How many people access your virtual tours?


Which was the most successful and visited tour of all?


What's the average time they spend exploring your tours?


Where did the majority of visitors come from?


A tour’s most frequented media?


How long did people stay for example in the Kitchen on average?


Heatmaps showing where you need to place items so people see them

Dressed VT before after

I know you are thinking… “What’s the catch?”


For the past 6 years we have been working exclusively in the Holiday and Leisure Industry (as you can tell from the examples on this page) helping developers launching their holiday parks off-plan. We would like to diversify our portfolio and establish a track record in the residential space. As part of this process for a limited time we are offering our services on a complimentary basis to a select few developers.

£1000 deposited in your dedicated Client Portal

Use it towards any of your Future Projects within the next 12 months

Beyond creating a few case studies of residential developments we aim to build long-term relationships with developers. Whether you choose the Advanced, Professional or Flexi Packages, we would like to honour and reward your collaboration with us by crediting your account with £1000 that you can use towards any of your upcoming projects within the following 12 months. This credit will be available in your dedicated Client Portal, where you can not only track your available balance but you gain access to the following features as well:


Project Management Dashboard where you can track the progress of your Package deliverables and associated timelines


Direct Chat with your Account Manager for streamlined communication


Upload and download all relevant project files to and from your dedicated Cloud Storage


Request quotations, receive proposals and review bills through one centralised platform


Available through your browser on both desktop and mobile devices 24/7


About Us

meet the team

Akos Kovacs

Akos Kovacs


Having delivered 300+ projects and produced dozens of new development launch packages for off-plan marketing campaigns in the Holiday and Leisure Industry over the past 6 years I confidently stand behind our service quality and the results it can deliver for your upcoming development.
Balazs Kovacs

Balazs Kovacs

3D Artist

Introducing Balazs, a highly skilled 3D artist with a passion for bringing architectural designs to life. With expertise in the latest software technologies, Balazs has honed his craft over 5 years and created stunning visualisations for some of the biggest holiday park developments in the UK.
Niki Obermajer

Niki Obermajer

Creative Manager

Meet Niki, a visionary creative with a passion for pushing boundaries and bringing ideas to life. With 5 years of experience leading and inspiring creative teams, Niki is dedicated to delivering innovative and impactful solutions that captivate audiences and drive business success.
Drago Palalic

Drago Palalic

Digital Marketer

Drago is a dynamic digital marketer with extensive expertise in off-plan residential property marketing. He has over 6 years of experience and developed a comprehensive skill set in driving measurable results through digital strategy, content creation, paid advertising and SEO.
Dusan Palalic

Dusan Palalic

Web Designer

Meet Dusan, a talented web designer with a specialty in creating high-converting websites for residential property developers. He has more than 7 years of experience designing and developing websites that generate leads, drive sales and engagement for property developers.

Unlock more value

by selecting our Advanced or Professional Packages

FROM £3,990
100% OFF

FROM £7,980
95% OFF

FROM £10,495
Best Value

Custom Offer

4 Free Bonuses

Included with All Paid Packages


Brochure Design

Bonus #1 is a complimentary Brochure Design service. We will create a stunning brochure for your new development perfectly in line with your Brand Guidelines. We can deliver your brochure both in digital and print ready formats.

[real3dflipbook id=”17″]


Marketing Plan

Bonus #2 is a stylised marketing plan of your development with beautifully illustrated landscaping, plot numbers and any other information that highlights the unique location and selling points of your development site.

1h Lead Generation Consultation

Bonus #3 is a 1 hour long consultation with our Lead Generation Expert who will be happy to review your current marketing strategies and share advice about Lead Generation Best Practices in order to achieve a successful Launch Campaign.


Dedicated Client Portal Access and Web App

Bonus #4 is access to our propriatery Client Portal with an account and project management tool specifically created and setup for the delivery of your Launch Package deliverables. Track progress and deadlines and communiate with our team effortlessly through your dedicated Client Portal any time.


frequently asked questions

1, Why are we offering this service on a complimentary basis?

This is a new type of service we have started promoting only recently. We would like to test and see what improvements we could do to make it a quick and cost-effective solution for Sales Agents who want to maximise marketability of their properties.

Upon delivery of the virtual tour we will follow up with a quick phone call to gather feedback on the quality and efficiency of our service so that we can make further improvements to our processes.

2, What are the benefits of remote photography?

Cost saving – there is no need to schedule a photographer, who has to travel and visit the site physically

Time saving – with our latest 360 cameras, capturing and editing images is like a breeze and takes only seconds compared to traditional methods. And NO this does not come at the cost of quality.

Flexibility – as the photography session does not require a physical site visit, the actual remote shooting can take place at a time that is convenient for you. It is completely up to your schedule.

3, How many properties is this complimentary service offer valid for?

If the properties are in close proximity to each other and the photography equipment does not need to be sent to another location, we can commit to delivering a virtual tour on a complimentary basis for up to 3 properties.

4, What happens to the equipment once the photography session is over?

Return labels will be included in the equipment case that will need to be placed on the top of the case. Once the label is applied, we will arrange collection of the equipment the following day.

5, Can the photography session be scheduled in the morning hours?

We send our equipment to site with Guaranteed Delivery by 1pm. If the equipment arrives in the morning hours a shooting can be arranged shortly after or alternatively it can be scheduled on the following day.

6, Will you be able to provide assistance with the publication of the virtual tour?

Yes, certainly. We will be able to deploy the tour either on your website or we can setup dedicated hosting (paid service) where the virtual tour can be shared and embedded from.

7, Do I need special skills or knowledge to operate your equipment?
Absolutely not! If you can turn on a phone and connect to Wifi that’s all the skills you need and we will take it from there.
8, Do you need Wifi or Network Signal to connect to your equipment?
Yes, an internet connection will be necessary for us to perform the remote shooting. If there is Wifi we can connect to, we will need your assistance to connect to the right network.

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