With Stunning CGI Fly-throughs and Animations
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CGI Stills & 3D Animations

captivate your audience with immersive architectural imagery

We breathe life into yet unbuilt architecture by creating stills and motion pictures that beautifully depict and communicate to your prospective buyers what your completed development and homes will look like. By forging creative skill and the latest technologies we can also deliver immersive digital experiences that bridge the gap between an empty site and your fully built development.


Promotional Videos

Use eye-catching animations in your sales videos to communicate your ideas and vision in a way that is not only visually appealing but easy to understand for your audience. Let us create the visual content for your next promotion that do the selling for you.


3D Fly-throughs

3D fly-throughs are a visually more captivating media compared to still imagery that let your audience explore your project in a more animated and engaging way whether thats an aerial, birds-eye view or an internal walk-through.


Visual Impact Studies

Let us help you communicate your value poposition and present powerful before and after animations that convey the positive impact and improvement your project and development offers to bring to the local area and community.

Visual Impact Studies

Convey your ideas with beautiful imagery before development even begins

3D Floorplans

Let your customers participate in the design process at an early stage with our easy to understand 3D floorplans


Clawford Lakes

CGI Stills & Animations


CGI stills

Lakeview Manor

CGI stills

Earthswood Country Park

CGI stills

nordii scandinavian

CGI Stills & Animation, brochure design

sunnydene country park

Logo design & branding, CGI stills & animations, marketing site plan, website


CGI stills

Bluespace Houseboats

CGI stills & animations, 3D floorplans, logo design & branding, website

Silverhill Woodland Retreats

CGI stills, CGI animations, promo video, website

victoria gardens

CGI stills & animations, promo video, website, marketing brochures

marsh view lodges

Logo design & branding, CGI stills & animations, website, marketing brochures, re-development master plan

Noah's Ark Retreat

CGI stills & animations, 3D floorpan, Promo Video

Vajda Peter street

CGI stills

jans modular

External CGIs, 3D floorplans

london mews

Ad copy, ad design, Google Ads and Facebook campaign

Lower Chatley Lakes

CGI Stills

Our Process


Initial Consultation

During our exploratory call we aim to get familiar with your project and have a thorough understanding of the scope, important deadlines and obejctives you want to accomplish. Within 24 hours we draft a project proposal detailing the milestones, timelines and costs associated with the delivery.


Project Start

Once the proposal, project specifications and deliverables have been agreed, we start working on your project. We assign an Account Manager to you who will be your point of contact, and we invite you to our Project Mangagement platform, where you can track the progress of your project from start to finish.



As we build the 3D models, apply textures and setup the lighting of your scene, we constantly keep you updated on our progress by sending over previews at various stages of the development process. We keep tweaking the visuals until we achieve  the desired outcome and you are pleased with the results.


Final Delivery

After the previews have been approved, we proceed with the production quality renders and the post-production work, where we add the finishing touches to your images and fly-throughs to really make them pop. Once reviewed and approved, we send you the creatives in your preferred sizes and file formats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a price list?

There are various different factors that determine the development time and pricing of a project such as scale, complexity and other specific client requirements. For this reason, each project is assessed and quoted on an individual basis.

To request a proposal, please give us a call or message us via the live chat service on our website. Alternatively, you can also submit your brief and project requirements here.

How long will it take to receive the final delivery?

After the submission of your project files, we get back to you with our proposal within 24 hours.

It normally takes 3 working days for us to send you the first drafts, which we will then refine and finetune in close communication and collaboration with you so that we can deliver the end-result that you are 100% satisfied with.

Generally, we can deliver the final creatives within a week depending on the scale, complexity, number of viewpoints or the length of the requested animations.

To be able to give you a more accurate timeline, please submit your project specifications and brief by clicking the link here.

What information shall I send over for a quotation?

First, we would need to know what type of visual you are looking for. Is it external/internal still images, animations, 360 virtual tours or interactives?

Next, to understand the scale and scope of your design, we review the architectural plans, sections and elevations of your design if available, but we can also work with your sketches. These can be supplied in DWG, PDF or any other image file format.

If its an exterior image and you have further information in the form of topographical surveys, landscaping and cladding specifications, please include these with your submission as well.

For interior shots, we will need material, furniture and fixture specifications if available or alternatively, we can work with furniture items and materials that are readily available from our catalog.

Lastly, in your project brief please outline the number of viewpoints, fly paths, deadlines and any other project objectives and goals you have in mind. The more information you are able to share with us at this stage the more accurate our project estimations are going to be.

To get started, simply visit our project intake form, where you can easily and quickly share your project information with us and we will get back to you within 24 hours with our proposal.

How many revisions are included in your service fee?

We would like you to be 100% satisfied and happy with the visuals we produce for your design and we don’t limit the number of changes that can be requested for a project provided the change requests don’t go outside the scope of the agreed brief and don’t diverge significantly from the originally submitted project files.

Do we need to visit your office in order to start a poject?

We operate 100% online and work with agile and quick onboarding processes so you don’t have to waste time on travel and we can start your project sooner.

Simply follow this link to submit your project information and we will get back to you with our proposal within 24 hours. 

What does your “On-time or we work for FREE” guarantee mean?

We understand how important project deadlines are for your business so with our guarantee we would like to take on all the risks and make a promise that if we don’t deliver your visuals by the agreed timeframe, we work for FREE and you get to keep the produced images.

To honor this Guarantee a couple of conditions need to be met:

  1. You need to be responsive and get back to us with your feedback within 24 hours of us sending previews over to you.
  2. The final round of comments can be sent to us no later than 24 hours before the project deadline.
How can I communicate with your team during the development of the visuals?

As part of our onboarding process, we will send you an invitation to our Project Management platform through which you can not only communicate, review and comment on the visuals and creatives we share with you through the development process, but you can also track project milestones and statuses of the deliverables.

Apart from our Project Management platform you have access to us via our standard communication channels i.e emails and phone within normal working hours.

Where is your company located?

Although our registered company address is in Wigan, Greater Manchester, we operate 100% online to bring you maximum flexibility, agility, cost and time efficiency when it comes to service deliverability.


How are CGIs produced?

CGIs are created using specialised software that enable 3D artists to model the geometry, texture and light the scene and produce the production quality images or animations from the selected viewpoints and/or fly-paths at the end of the pipeline.

What is a 3D Flythrough?

A 3D animation that is often referred to as a 3D fly-through is a computer generated animation that can show and present the design and development in its use with animated people, vehicles, landscaping and building elements.

A 3D flythrough can be an excellent part of any promotional video and it is the next level up from still images in terms of its ability to entice interest and spark engagement with your customer and prospective buyers.

What are your working hours?

We are available over the phone during normal working hours between 7am and 4pm GMT, but you can always drop us an email or comment in our Project Management platform and you can expect a response from us within 24 hours but in most cases in a few hours.

What does CGI actually mean?

CGI stands for Computer Generated Imagery and refers to photorealistic representations or artistic impressions of a 3D scene using specilised software to show and portray a development or design that is not yet built.

How can CGI services help with marketing and selling homes off plan?

CGIs do not merely communicate and represent yet unbuilt design but they can move your prospective customers and buyers emotionally as they imagine what it will be like to live in their dream home.

With CGIs let it be still images or animations you can depict an atmosphere, a feeling, a mood and a visual understanding that 2D drawings can simply not achieve. This is why using CGIs in the early marketing process of any property or development has become a standard tool to generate sales and cashflow faster.

We already have a 3D artist in-house. Why would we need your services?

We have the hardware and manpower to help out with larger-scale projects when needed.

We can provide the flexibility and speed that you might require for projects with tight deadlines.

You don’t have the overheads and headaches of maintaining a resource-intensive and expensive IT infrastructure, you don’t have to make significant investments in software licenses that are not fully utilised and lastly, you don’t have to deal with the extra responsibilities and liabilities that comes with employing someone in-house.

Our Other Services

your off-plan property marketing toolbox


CGI Stills & Animations

Spark interest and showcase your development to your potential customers with Computer Generated Images and animations well before development even begins.


Interactives & Virtual Tours

Our walkthroughs and virtual tours take CGI imagery a step further, allowing buyers to experience and explore the property as if they were there in person.


Marketing Site Plans

We also complement our visualisation services with branding, brochure design, posters and site hoardings to support your new development launch campaign.


Printed Marketing Materials

We also complement our visualisation services with branding, brochure design, posters and site hoardings to support your new development launch campaign.


Promotional Videos

Showcase your development through engaging promotional videos that help potential buyers to visualize their perfect home, location and lifestyle.


Websites & landing pages

 Our conversion optimised sales pages create a distraction-free customer journey that turn cold visitors into qualified leads inundating your sales pipeline.


Drone Photography

Let us showcase your development from a unique perspective through aerial photography. Perfect for accurate site surveys and marketing imagery.

Paid advertising

We generate leads through paid advertising campaigns that help you reach your audience and accelerate your off-plan marketing efforts.

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building relationships, not just transactions

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unleash sales and growth in your business

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